Zoom thru new hire paperwork

1. Enter your information by clicking the button under each box to download then sign or review each one of the documents. (If you cannot electronically sign the documents, go onto step 3 and when you come to your in person orientation the paperwork can be done then)

2. Email signed documents to newhire@3stepsolar.com

3. Click the 'Start Virtual Training' button and go onto the virtual training 

Working Agreement

The clear understanding between our organization, and you and your team as contractors.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Keeping our trade secrets safe

W9 Tax Form

So you can legally receive money from our organization

Indemnification Statement

This document declares you are doing the challenge on your own free will and the actions you take while during the challenge are your responsibility

Sales Script

Want to learn the script before you show up to the challenge? Get it now

Compensation Chart

Obviously you are doing this to get paid, download the chart to see the compensation clearly

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